Welcome to the Purple Pakora Indian Restaurant Congleton

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 Welcome to the Purple Pakora Congleton Indian Restaurant

At the Purple Pakora Indian Food Bar Congleton we have now established ourselves as the best Indian Restaurants in Cheshire and set new standards in terms of Quality Indian cuisine.

Think of India and one of the first things that come’s to mind is its diversity. Our menu is equally as cosmopolitan; bringing Indian Cuisine into the 21st Century. East meets West and tradition meets innovation with signature curry dishes that include Prawn McCartney,

Karahi Kid and Helicopter Naan to name but a few, all presented with incredible attention to detail and our trademark personal service.
We are a friendly run Indian Restaurant Establishment with a rich heritage of culinary skills at our fingertips. Many of our Indian Food recipes are closely guarded family secrets, handed down across generations and are lovingly prepared using only the finest and freshest ingredients.

Equally, our Indian Restaurant venues blend authentic Indian opulence with cutting-edge modern design, with stylish fittings and contemporary features such as our amazing Bubble Wall Tanks that guarantee our guests have a compelling dining experience offering an ambience which is relaxed and buzzing at the same time. We also offer our customers unique VIP dining, when dining in groups, to celebrate your special occasion in style in one of our amazing round VIP rooms available at our Indian Restaurant in Congleton.

At The Purple Pakora Indian Food Bar, with our welcoming atmosphere and stunning choice of dishes; surrounded by the intoxicating scent of spices and mouth-watering tastes of India, let your imagination take a culinary journey to majestic royal cities and revel in the rich cultures and festivities of this magical country.